Does it cost me money to register or taking action in the site?

No! Registration for Keys and all their features are free of charge.

Do I have to supply accommodation / food / pocket money / salary etc?

No! You chose what to give back for your assignments but remember, you're probably not the only Key in your area, so be sure to let the Boots know why you're the better choice.

What are the terms / conditions for the assignments?

You are the only one who defines it. Just be sure to inform your Boots before by describe it in the assignment post or while you messaging each other.

Can I Message/apply another Key?

No! Connection is between Keys to Boots only.


Does it cost me money to register for the site?

No. Registration is free of charge.

Does it cost me money to messaging a Key or applying to assignments?

There are 2 types of Keys users in the site: Regular Keys and Partner Keys. Partner Keys are mostly Keys that related to a bigger organization. Partner Keys profiles are open to all Boots, free of charge and you can connect/apply them for free. Regular Keys are individual To connect/apply for Regular Keys, you need to purchase a membership first.


How can I get to know another user?

Use our messaging system to learn more about a Key or ask a Boots about their trip.

Reporting an Issue

How do I report a problem / sending feedback / get in touch with KeyBoots team?

You can write us in the Contact Us link, or send us an email to support@keyboots.com