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How it works  

About Us

KeyBoots was established in 2013 with a goal to create a new way of traveling. A way that benefits the local business and the traveler together. Now, with the KeyBoots platform, you can search for "host family" to volunteer for your sleep, meals and in some cases also pocket money.

Brief History

The company was conceived in the beginning of 2013, when the founder, Mr. Kobi Bodek, was traveling through Thailand. During his trip, he noticed that some backpackers, most of them young and western, ended up staying for a longer period of time than the average traveler on an exotic island after "falling in love" with it.
During this period of time, from several weeks to couple of months, they were employed by the local businesses to fill temporary positions. In return for filling those positions, they received funds that allowed them to extend their stay.
By comparing this real life situation to the Israeli Kibbutz volunteering system, Kobi began to understand that there was an opportunity to take this fundamental barter system and to establish it on a web platform that can provide opportunities and solutions for future travelers and prospective employers. With that understanding he start to established the KeyBoots company.

Our Vision

Enriching the concept of travel by building a community online that facilitates networking between individuals seeking more affordable travel methods, with businesses around the globe seeking to fill temporary positions.

Our Mission

KeyBoots, will enable young, eager travelers to see the world by providing a tool that lets them interact with enterprises that can use their efforts and talents to promote a mutually beneficial experience.